Democrat Aimee Cole looks to swing District 37 seat

By Noah Alatza

Fishers resident Aimee Cole is vying to become the next state representative from District 37, which encompasses Fishers and neighborhoods on the northern fringe of Geist Reservoir.

An attorney, Cole is running on a platform of improving  improving education and public schools. She said a bullying incident involving her daughter changed her perspective.

“I never really thought that lack of funding for our public schools in Fishers would be an issue because we have such great schools here. Prior to the incident with my daughter, I had never taken the time to really look into how the schools receive funding from the states,” Cole said. “When I started looking into it, it was shocking. Average teacher salaries in Indiana have declined by over 15 percent in the past 15 years after adjusting for inflation. How can we attract the best and brightest educators if they aren’t being fairly compensated?”

Cole said she wants to make sure teachers have the resources to teach and inspire, and students have the resources to learn and be safe. She also said equality is an important issue.

“I want everyone to feel like they can contribute to our community, regardless of gender, race, or who you love, everyone should have the same opportunity to contribute,” she said. “If Indiana had more accepting laws and we lived up to the Hoosier hospitality motto, we could attract better businesses to the area.”
Cole is running against incumbent Todd Huston in the November election. In 2016, defeated Democratic challenger Mike Boland, 64 to 35 percent.

Cole has a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University and a law degree from the Valparaiso University. 

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March 29, 2018

Why more women are fighting for “seat at the table” in Indiana General Assembly primaries

Source: Indianapolis Star

In the General Assembly, 22 of the 100 representatives and eight of the 50 senators, or 20 percent, are women.

“That’s not really a fair representation of our state,” said Aimee Rivera Cole, a Democrat running against Rep. Todd Huston in District 37.  “Our state is not all men. I think the more women that can be involved the better … particularly because women oftentimes tend to add a different perspective to issues than just men.”

Aimee Rivera Cole is running for House District 37. The number of women running for a Statehouse seat has doubled since 2014. (Photo: Provided by the Indiana Democratic Party)

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