Because no Hoosier should choose between feeding their family and affording life-saving medication.

Aimee’s Hoosier Health Priorities:

  • Fight for everyone to have access to affordable healthcare.
  • Take on corporate drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Introduction legislation forcing accountability and transparency in our healthcare system.

Our state must support and care for its hard-working citizens and their health. Indiana ranks forty-first in the nation for overall health. Hoosiers have seen the average annual cost of prescription medications rise by nearly fifty-eight percent between 2012 and 2017. They have seen their hospital costs skyrocket to be among the highest in the nation. And yet in the most recent session of the Indiana General Assembly, they also saw their lawmakers vote down a bipartisan proposal lowering the cost of prescription drugs in order to keep corporate drug companies and their lobbyists happy.

Our representatives have to stop listening to these lobbyists and start listening to the people they serve. Across the state Hoosiers are rationing these prescription drugs to stay alive—and the consequence has been family members and loved ones lost because they couldn’t afford to pay for both medication and everyday expenses. Access to affordable healthcare should not be a choice between making a car payment and staying alive; instead everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. I will fight drug companies that put their profits ahead of Hoosiers’ health.