Because our children deserve a sustainable future they can thrive within.

Aimee’s Environment Priorities:

  • Provide assistance to Hoosier families and farmers negatively impacted by environmental issues.
  • Listen to our scientists to prepare our communities for upcoming challenges we face.
  • Support programs that tap Indiana’s unique opportunities to provide renewable energy projects and jobs.

Indiana currently ranks thirty-ninth in the nation for air and water quality. Further, Indiana was ranked forty-ninth in pollution by the 2019 US News and World Report. The safety of Indiana’s communities hinges on the ability of our lawmakers to listen to scientists and to prepare ourselves. Indiana has the opportunity for investment in infrastructure and businesses that keep the state ahead and well-equipped for these extreme weather patterns. Climate change impacts our farmers and our families and Hoosiers have felt the negative impacts of these severe changes in frequency of these events. Past state efforts illustrate that there can be a bipartisan endeavor in policies and businesses that combat climate change. Our state has the unique ability to lead on solar and wind energy, directly stimulating our economy and standing in the nation. I will serve in the general assembly to increase efforts to combat climate change by supporting innovative infrastructure and policy entrepreneurship opportunities that boost our economic development.