Commitment to our schools


  • Prioritize our public schools and ensure that there is adequate funding
  • Separate voucher school funding from community-based school funding so that tax payers are fully aware of the allocation of resources
  • Hold charter, virtual and private voucher schools to the same transparency and financial reporting requirements as public schools
  • Allow schools the opportunity to adjust while Indiana transitions to its new state standards and assessment by suspending accountability requirements
  • Stop over-testing students and empower teachers to educate based on their expertise and the students’ needs

Commitment to our economy


  • Attract better paying jobs by focusing on the recruitment, attraction and retention of Hoosier talent
  • Enhance the ability of Indiana businesses to compete in a global economy  by increasing our state’s reputation for hospitality, diversity and freedom from discrimination by passing common sense legislation like the Hate Crime bill and closing the gender pay gap
  • Develop training programs that address regional job demands
  • Develop and expand public mass transit initiatives


Commitment to our environment Tree-Clearing-Fishers-IN-e1517255311636

  • Invest and expand in renewable energy and energy efficiency such as solar and wind
  • Protect Indiana’s water resources
  • Implement state-level climate solutions such as reducing carbon emissions
  • Preserve our forests
  • Expand Indiana’s open spaces and protect our existing ecosystems



Aimee Rivera Cole for Indiana State Representative House District 37