Public Education

We  have great teachers and great public schools in Indiana. We have to give them a chance to succeed. Indiana’s average teacher pay of $50,218 is lower than each of our surrounding states. We can only attract and maintain quality teachers by paying them a competitive salary. We also need to stop with the constantly changing, high-stakes testing. Teachers should be allowed to inspire their students and teach to the student’s needs, not the needs of a test. Test scores and accountability grades shouldn’t determine how our communities are labeled.

It is in the interest of all Hoosiers that we maintain quality public education for all children.Having high quality, equitable public schools is essential not only for the future of our children, but also to protecting our property values. Many people make decisions about where they want to live based upon whether the area has a high quality public school. If the public schools are not supported, your investment in your home is not protected.

My goals are to:

  • Keep public funds in public schools.
  • Ensure the schools have the resources they need to maintain a safe learning environment for our children
  • Improve teacher pay and benefits
  • Hold for-profit schools to the same transparency and financial reporting requirements as public schools
  • Provide a strong system of public higher education with access for the children of working families and decent pay for college and university employees.
  • Stop over-testing students and empower teachers to educate based on their expertise and the students’ needs
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