Hoosier Health

Indiana ranks 41 in the nation for overall health. Between 2012 and 2017, the average annual cost of prescription medication rose by almost 58%. Hospital costs in Indiana are among the highest—if not THE highest—in the nation. Yet, this year the Indiana House voted down a proposal with bi-partisan support to  lower the cost of prescription drugs. 

It is time for our representatives to stop listening to lobbyist and start listening to people.  Across the state, Hoosiers have had to ration their prescription drugs. And in some cases, people have lost their lives because they couldn’t afford the medication they needed.  Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare and we shouldn’t be forced to choose between making a car payment and staying  alive.  

I will fight to keep drug companies from profiting at the expense of Hoosiers’ health. I would introduce legislation that would force drug companies to justify drug prices and demand transparency. 


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