Gun Safety

Responsible gun owners agree that our Second Amendment rights also come with responsibilities. We have the responsibility to keep our children safe, and keep guns out of the hands of those who could be a danger to themselves or others. Safe storage, universal background checks, and gun education are all ways in which we can preserve the rights of responsible gun owners while still keeping Hoosiers safe.

Other ways to advance gun safety would be:

  • Enhance the awareness and effectiveness of our ERPO’s ((emergency risk protection orders).

Extreme risk laws allow a family member, law enforcement, or other key individuals as allowed by each state to present evidence to a civil court judge that an individual is a risk to themselves or others. Although Indiana has had ERPOs for years but they are too infrequently used and many are unaware they exist. Even with this surprising progressive policy Indiana has a terrible gun violence history. Our ERPO’s lack teeth and their is too much unawareness of them. They also need to work in conjunction with safe storage laws, which Indiana currently does not have.

  • Domestic Gun Violence Prevention.

At least 52 percent of American women killed With guns are killed by intimate partners or family members. Women are 16 times more likely to be killed with guns in the U.S. than In other developed countries. I want to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers and dangerous individuals.

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