A Vote for Aimee is a Vote for Our Future

By Maggie McComas | November 3, 2020

Throughout my childhood, my parents always reminded me to be graceful and treat everyone with kindness no matter who they are. I have carried this advice with me throughout my life and will never forget that everyone deserves a little grace. Throughout this year, our country has faced hurt, pain, and division. At times, I have found it difficult to understand how people can be so cruel and come from a place of terrible hate. However, we should all try to be graceful and kind despite our shortcomings as individuals and as a nation. 

With that being said, having grace is more important than ever in this election. While most voters already know who they will vote for today and who they want to represent them in future years, it is imperative that we all remain graceful regardless of who wins. Election season often shows true colors of both candidates and voters but treating everyone with kindness is the most effective way to ensure a better nation for us all. Throughout the election, Aimee has remained level-headed, kind, and determined to focus on her campaign rather than participating in bashing and hatefulness. Aimee knows the importance of the issues her community faces and wants to work hard for those rather than allowing hate, which is so prominent in this election, to blind her. That is just one of the many reasons she is so deserving of a seat in the Statehouse.

As I have stated in my previous blog posts, Aimee is a local candidate who will fight for her community and your family’s needs. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I know Aimee will display grace and continue to find ways to do what’s best for her community. That is the definition of a true leader, and we should all follow her example. I continue to have hope for the future of our country because of strong, courageous leaders like Aimee.