A Vote for Aimee is a Vote for Inclusivity

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By Maggie McComas | September 29, 2020

I grew up in a really small town in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia, where our voices were often not represented at the state level. I understand what it feels like to be unheard or looked over. We were often the last to receive funds from the state, the last to get updates to our public education system, and the last to receive government support. In fact, most people in other parts of our state proudly proclaim that the portion of the state belonging to the mountains is simply not considered a part of Virginia, and therefore does not deserve the government’s support. The greatest people I know live in those mountains, and I often wish that there was a way I could instantly give them more of a voice. Since I go to college far from my hometown, I have to find a way to give a voice to others that often feel unheard. 

This is why I decided to join Aimee’s campaign. I support Aimee because of her drive to strengthen Indiana’s public education system, her care for every human life, and her passion for fighting for inclusion. Interning for Aimee is my opportunity to see changes that I would like to see made within the state I proudly call my home away from home. 

In summer of 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach English at a refugee center in Rome. Having opportunities and experiences such as this opened my eyes to how pushed aside someone can be simply because of a different background. While advocating for immigrant lives in Italy was life-changing, supporting Aimee gives me the opportunity to advocate for life in our own home country. I know that Aimee prioritizes the lives of every human, and that is the type of leadership we so desperately need in our world, and more importantly, on a local level.

A vote for Aimee is a vote for inclusion in an often non-inclusive world. Hoosiers should want to lead the country on inclusivity; however, Indiana was one of five states without a hate crime law until very recently, and even then, it wasn’t all-comprehensive. If elected, she plans to fight for an inclusive hate crime bill which would include protections for sex, gender and gender identity. No person should have crimes committed against them based on who they are, and we all must fight to make our home a safe place for not only those who identify as male or female, but specifically those who identify otherwise or are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Safety for every Hoosier regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity is very important to me and one of the main reasons Aimee has my support. 

Not only do I agree with Aimee’s beliefs and ideas, but I also know her personally, and know how hard she will work if elected. She is strong, confident, and able to create change. I know if she is elected, she will advocate for those whose voices are often diminished or marginalized. I know that through her campaign, I am able to use my voice to fight for our teachers, Hoosier safety, and the equality and inclusivity of every person.