How is School Choice impacting our public schools?

Just last year, $146,000,000 of your tax dollars is used to pay tuition to non-public education.

Did you know that in 2011, Indiana launched a school-voucher program, most commonly known as School Choice?  This highly controversial program diverts public funds to pay tuition to non-public, private and charter schools.  The results?

Lower Test Scores

Ongoing studies of school voucher programs across the United States show negative effects on our children’s learning.  In Indiana specifically, a comparison of test scores shows that our students “performed worse, on average, than their matched peers in the public schools that they left”.

Cuts to Arts, Physical Education, and Extracurriculars

Countless studies have shown how investing in Arts Education not only improves a child’s awareness, empathy, and confidence, but also higher test scores, graduation rates, and attendance numbers.

Physical Education not helps to fight childhood obesity but has been proven to increase focus, improve memory, and lower stress levels.  How many times have you read an article or spoken to your doctor about the importance of moving and not sitting at a desk all day?  Why is it any different for our children?


Quite simply, there is less money in the public school system per pupil.  In 2009 there was more money allotted per pupil than in 2017 after adjusting for inflation.  That in itself is a travesty, but couple it with now overcrowded classrooms and our children are suffering even more.  With less personalized attention, more distractions, and lack of classroom funding, how can our children learn?

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