Calling for Curtis Hill’s Resignation by Laura Stancato*

Months after the emergence of the #MeToo movement, which gives a voice to sexual assault/harassment survivors speaking out against their perpetrators, this issue now strikes close to home with the accusations against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. In the past week, multiple women have come forward with claims that Hill groped and/or inappropriately touched them.
This kind of behavior, unfortunately, does not seem to be uncommon among powerful men these days. It wasn’t that long ago that we heard the President bragging about this kind of behavior on the Access Hollywood tape. Shortly after that, Harvey Weinstein went down for sexual misconduct as well. We, as Hoosiers and as Americans, cannot let these individuals escape consequence for their actions. Attorney General Hill needs to resign immediately, as he has abused his power and position, permanently scarring these victims along the way.
Indiana legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, have called for Hill’s resignation, including Governor Eric Holcomb and Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma. However, Hill refuses to step down, and once again denied the claims in a press conference Monday. This is absolutely unacceptable. For too long, powerful men have gotten away with this kind of disgusting behavior. Women in all different occupations have felt threatened and/or unsafe. This needs to change. Indiana female lawmakers should feel safe going to work each day — and they won’t, as long as Hill remains the Attorney General.
As Hoosiers, we need to make it clear that we do not support a culture that condones, or even turns a blind eye to, sexual assault. Just last Saturday, a group of protesters gathered outside the Statehouse calling for Hill’s resignation. We must continue this type of advocacy — and we must carry this fiery energy into the November election. As for you, Attorney General, do the right thing and resign. The people of Indiana deserve leaders we can trust. Curtis Hill is not one of those leaders.


*Laura Stancato is a Senior at Hamilton Southeastern High School and a valuable member of my team. It gives me great hope in our future that there are students like Laura who are smart, engaged, and trying to make a positive change in the world. —Aimee


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